Five Ways to Pamper Yourself…for under $10


It doesn’t take much to start feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders.  And it doesn’t take much to find small ways to bring a little sunshine back.  Even better if these little ways don’t break the bank.  Below, I have shared my personal five favorite ways to make life a little more luxurious and a little less mundane.

Five Ways to Pamper Yourself…According to Aimée

  1. Buy Fresh Flowers Every Week  – Whether you choose to purchase from a florist or a local grocery store, a little bouquet of fresh flowers goes a long way in adding a bit of cheer through the week.  I purchase a small bunch every Friday, choosing whatever is in season to get the best price.ef452c3ef88b92fe4e9e7ce3044c7ca5
  2. Pick Out a New Nail Polish – While I can not afford to get a manicure often, I can spare an extra half an hour to give one to myself.  With a fresh coat of nail polish, my glamorous level goes way up!  🙂  I purchased this color just last week and I love it!SHCN1367_CSM_AMERS_240PNGPNG
  3. Take Yourself Out to Breakfast – I will often leave a little early for work so I can take myself out for a nice little breakfast at Panera.  My usual?  A hot cup of hazelnut coffee and a strawberry and cream scone….yummy!!strawberries-n-cream-scones
  4. Buy a New Journal – I go through journals very, very quickly and love buying new ones.  I find Home Goods to be the best place to find unique and affordable journals.il_570xN.494341551_a3nn
  5. Purchase a New Pair of Earrings – I wear earrings every single day and therefore love a variety.  My favorite choice for affordable and delicate earrings comes from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls.2359969

Living a full and abundant life does not take a lot of money.  What it does take is the ability to enjoy and cherish the little things in life that can add a wee bit of sparkle!


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