Seven Steps to a Successful and Happy Life

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It can be really hard to recognize when something in our lives needs to change.

It’s harder to implement that change when the unknown waits on the other side.

Harder still, is thinking of the future with nothing changing.

At some point in all our lives, we are faced with an opportunity.  It can be family-based, career-based, or emotionally-based.  Sometimes it can be the right decision not to take the opportunity….and other times, it is the only and right thing to do.

It is the last of the two choices that I want to focus on today.

Everyone defines success as something different and more often than not, happiness is tied up with that success.  Is there something in your life right now that you feel must change?  Is there some decision that needs to be made to ensure future happiness?  Are you on the brink of success and need a little extra push to see it all come true?

 Then read on as I share seven steps I have cultivated and learned on my journey to success and happiness.

 It is important to note that these steps are not on a time limit, and are not keys to over night success.  Yet followed faithfully, they will become fast companions on your journey to contentment.

But before I share step one, I want you to take some time to think about what it is that you want or need to change in your life.  When that change happens, what does the final outcome look like?  Format that thought into one specific and direct sentence.  Write that sentence out and continue to refer to it as you read through and ponder each step.


This is the core of all the following steps.  If you don’t believe that you can do something than you won’t.  Period.  It is vitally important that you value the essence of yourself and trust that little voice which leads and guides your life.  Recognize your strengths and put them to good use!


Nothing of value and longevity comes in this life with out the exchange of hard work.  Understand that basic principle and embrace that work with sleeves rolled up!

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This one can be really hard to follow.  In fact, it’s down right scary.  But that’s okay…just think of the first time you jumped into the deep end of the pool.  Sure it was frightening, but there was that refreshing water waiting for you after you took that leap!


 Stand strong, but be willing to change when you need to.  Success comes to those who see their glass half-full…even if they have to switch to another glass!


Accept your own limitations and recognize the value that can from working and collaborating with others!  Employ those like-minded people to encourage you and aid you on your road to success.

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Engaging in competition with others, career based or not, distracts you from focusing on your own goals and dreams.  And that’s a big no no! 🙂

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Success isn’t measured on the number of things you’ve done that have worked out.  It is measured by your dedication to following your heart even when things didn’t work out.  Always keep planning , dreaming, and believing in yourself and your happiness!

Decide what you want out of life and go for it!  

Life will deliver only what you ask from it…no more and no less.  The speed bumps we encounter, that may shake our resolve, should be viewed as opportunities to show our strength and determination.

Now, my friends, go and be happy and successful!


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