Sewing Alternatives for Fur


It’s cold.  

And when it is cold, one wants to wrap up in something warm, cozy, and soft.  One wants to make sure that any piece of clothing that touches one’s body is warm, cozy, and soft.  Yet, in our 21st century world, what was once our grandmothers choice of warm and cozy…isn’t such a great option today.  I’m talking about fur. Real fur.  And besides the cost, I don’t feel comfortable or right putting it on my outfits.

Still, when one sees stunning dresses such as these, it is tempting to want that textural trim everywhere!





But never fear, I have collected several alternatives that will add dimension, depth, and character to your outfits, all while keeping the fur on the little bodies who were born with it.

Option 1

Faux Fur


Available in bolts or as trim, faux fur is the obvious alternative to real fur.  Like many things in life, the more it costs the better the quality.  Just note that the more inexpensive varieties can shed and it, like many fabrics, does have a clear direction of fibers, so cut accordingly.

Option 2

Velvet Ribbon


An elegant upgrade, velvet trim is available in a variety of widths and colors.  And at a reasonable price, it can be used to trim and edge many parts of a gown.

Option 3

Grosgrain Ribbon


Silky ribbon’s coarser cousin, grosgrain ribbon adds an element of homeyness and sweetness to a dress.  Use in rows to turn a skirt into something special and unique!

Option 4

Beaded Trim


Requiring careful application, beaded trim in multiple widths is a great option for necklines, cuffs, and under bust seams.  Options that include pearls and sequins are also wonderful decorations for any outfit!

Option 5

Feather Trim


A recent discovery, I have not had the opportunity to sew with feather trim, but I would imagine it creates a stunning finished product!  I have never seen any in a brick and mortar store, but was able to track options down online at websites such as Lamplight Feather.

Option 6



While lace may not add stiff and bold texture, it nonetheless is an elegant option for blouses, coats, and dresses.

So embrace the many wonderful options available for all your warm, winter sewing!


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