Winter Hats for the Winter Chill

winter hats

I am not much of a hat person…but I want to be.  I sometimes wish that hats would come back in fashion so that it would sway me to buy one….or even three!  While it is perfectly acceptable to wear hats on the beach, gardening in the summer, and skiing down the slope, it isn’t all the common in one’s everyday life.  A few bold women will wear those wonderful wide brim hats or the fedora hat so apart of the bohemian style, but that’s about it.  At least where I live.

So how can I change this sad state of affairs?  How can I welcome a little fashion topper for my bare head?  Well, there is no time like the present, and the present is winter, soooooo winter hats, here I come!

To get the hat wearing juices flowing, I have collected a few of my most favorites for the winter months, both past and modern.  Maybe you will see something you like as well! 😉


I love when one’s hat, scarf, and muff all coordinate.



Feathers and flowers? Perfect!



Same hat, different outfit.  That’s the sign of a classic hat.



I love any of the outfits from the show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but this is truly stunning!



Marlene Dietrich knows how to rock a fur hat!

1937: Marlene Dietrich (1901 - 1992) American actor and singer. She was born Maria Magdalene Dietrich von Losch in Berlin. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

Any of the hats from Green Trunk Designs are stunning! This Rustic Green Felt Hat, though, is one of my favorites.



Matching the hat and the purse….that’s a good idea!



I don’t think I could pull this look off, but I still thought it was a stunning ensemble.


Interested in making your own millinery masterpiece? Mrs. Depew has many wonderful options available if hat making is your thing!  Here is one of my favorites:

1930’s Eugenie Hats


Image from Mrs. Depew


With so many choices and styles to pick from, it will be fun to see what strikes my wintery-fashion sense!

Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Winter Hats for the Winter Chill

  1. lady Estelle T. Barada

    I adore hats and wear them always when leaving the house. I am old fashion. Thank you for this inspiring artical.

  2. Mary Sorensen

    I’m not much of a 1920’s person as far as clothes go, but I really like the hats of that time period!
    Thanks for posting these – they were fun to look at and, I too, wish women wore hats again – I’d do it in a minute! : )

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