From My Sewing Table: January

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Happy New Year everyone!  2016 is here and is ready to be the best year ever!

Can you tell I am a glass-half-full kinda gal? 😉

El Nino, unfortunately, has played a rather large role on the winter season so far.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays, I have missed the cooler weather and snow!  My new winter jacket is just staring at me from the coat closet begging to be worn…but it will have to stay hanging up for a little bit longer!

It’s resolution time again, and I have always been hesitant about the tradition.  I have found that starting something cold turkey without giving it enough careful thought and attention can often result in failure.  I prefer to keep working on projects and goals that I have started at a time when I was ready for a new start…even if they happened in August.  It is amazing how more often those plans and dreams actually come true! 🙂

Nonetheless, January is still special amongst all the months of the year, as it brings a truly clean and fresh feeling.  January can mark the start of a wonderful year, or for many, the end of a very sad one.  Whatever January means for you, it will be that much better if you meet that fresh start in the middle.  Fresh starts are only truly fresh if you work hard to eliminate that which could tarnish it.

My life right now seems to be quite a whirlwind as many exciting changes are on the horizon, both personally and professionally.   I love every minute of it and can’t wait to share these changes with you as the year goes on.  But I have to remind myself that taking time to appreciate and embrace the opportunities that have been happening to my little family is as important as the effort put into helping them come about!

In the sewing world, my machine has been running full throttle with very little rest time.  I have been in a 1940’s-1950’s time warp and am loving the hours spent lost in patterns, fabric, and trims.  While I may not have much to show for it over the next month or so….I hope to by Spring! 😉

So welcome the new year with all it’s freshness and (hopefully soon) it’s coldness!


A few posts to watch out for this month:

  • Making a vintage-inspired makeup bag
  • Finding your “signature look”
  • Join me as I interview Beth from Historical Designs, and learn more about her story and beautiful custom-made historical clothing.

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