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It has been unusually warm over the month of November with very little snowfall to speak of.  For me, this makes it rather difficult to feel “in the season.”  While many of you in those warmer climates may be quite used to a “green” Christmas… this northerner is not.  While I don’t really care for the extreme cold, I do love a nip in the air along with a light (to moderate) cascade of snow.  Snow, you see, is very calming to me and it gives a beautiful coat to a landscape that has been drab brown for far too long.

Like many of you, I have been very busy finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping and am getting ready for the nights I will spend wrapping it all up!  Stay tuned for a post later on this month that contains many unique ideas for gift wrapping!

The holidays, in whichever way you celebrate them, are about traditions, both old and new. Each one carries with it fond memories of past Christmases that blend and swirl into the new ones.  Earlier this year, I talked about the importance of living in each moment, and what a better time to do so than during the upcoming holidays…especially with all the stress that this time of year can bring.

So don’t worry about how much or how little you have to spend on gifts – be grateful you have so many wonderful individuals in your life.  Don’t focus on all the calories you may or may not eat – appreciate the care that went into each delicious dish.  And don’t fret if you can’t hit all the high notes in “O Holy Night” – join the rest of us in a rousing chorus of “Dominick the Donkey!”

Here’s to a beautiful and blessed December!


A few upcoming posts to look for this month:

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  • Makeup Bag Tutorial

december sewing table


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