Vintage-Inspired Thanksgiving Table Settings

I love setting the table for a special party or dinner!  

It started when I was a child and my mom and I would always plan out the look and design for all holiday dinners complete with handmade place cards.  While I, at times,  struggle with hosting a party (I don’t do well in groups 🙂 ) I love the organizing and planning that goes in to it!

I recently ordered a copy of the Better Homes and Garden’s book on Table Settings to further expand my repertoire and knowledge of setting the perfect table.


While it is very short, it gives wonderful ideas for setting and organizing the dinner table.

So in the spirit of all this planning, I thought I would share some of the research I have done for this upcoming holiday season.

Lets start with the vintage ideas:


I think this one may be too fancy for my little house!


I love the simple design of the china…perfect for layering of textures and other colors.


Again…maybe a little too extravagant!

And here are a few modern ideas…with a vintage flair:


Rustic and charming!

Image from Mod Vintage Life


This is enchanting and might be my choice for this year!

Image from Stone Gable

I hope this gives you some inspiration to create your own unique Thanksgiving (or any special meal) table!


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