Tips for Calming Your Nerves

With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, it is possible that you are experiencing a slightly heighten state of stress.  With house cleaning, prepping for family, thawing the turkey, and mentally preparing for the enormous amount of calories you will be intaking, it is easy to let the stress make its way to your neck, head, and back.

To help combat this yearly onslaught, here are a few tips to help relieve the pressure!

“If you believe that you are overworking, lie down for at least fifteen minutes after every meal,  Or get home in the afternoon in time to lie down for an hour before dinner.

Lie flat on your back and withdraw every bit of resistance and strain from your body.  Relax your arms and legs and let down your back til you lie all soft and fluid, melting into the matters or couch.

If you can drop off to sleep, so much the better. But don’t fuss if sleep refuses to come.

If you find your mind working overtime, pick up a magazine and read a story that has a wholesome bit of humor or pathos, the entertaining sort that is light but agreeable reading.

Nerves are best relieve by vigorous, stimulating exercise that transfers the activity to your muscles. Plan to be out-of-doors two to three hours every day if you can.

If you play golf or tennis, play to win.

Drink a glass of milk in the mid-afternoon and at bedtime.  Have the bedtime glass warmed if you can drink it that way.  It will help you rest better.”

So take a deep breath and drop off the stress!  Thanksgiving will turn out perfectly…it always does! 🙂


Source: Tips for Calming Your Nerves During the Holiday Season by Barbara Ellison, Fashion Service, 1927

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