1950’s Skirt With Cummberbund Tutorial

Perfect for that tucked-in-blouse look, this 1950’s inspired skirt oozes simplicity and elegance!

The Pattern

Cut Out:

  • One large rectangle of fabric that measures 29″ by 60″.  Adjust the 29″ for desired length and the 60″ for desired width.
  • One rectangle that measures 7″ by waist measurement plus 3-4″

Materials Needed

  • 1-1 1/2 Yards of fabric
  • 7 1/2″ zipper
  • 3 hook and eyes

The Process

  1. Stitch the side seam of the skirt stopping 7 1/2″ from the top.DSC_0055
  2. Insert zipper.Putting in a zipper
  3. Hem the 3 outer edges of the cummberbund.DSC_0071
  4. Attach the cummberbund to the skirt by dividing it into eight equal pieces with pins and pleating the skirt to fit as necessary.  Stitch.DSC_0072DSC_0074
  5. Hem skirt to desired length.DSC_0077
  6. Gather the sides of the cummberbund using basting stitches and gather to desired width.  Secure.DSC_0078

7.  Attach the hook and eyes to the cummberbund.
DSC_0081Enjoy your new skirt!  



Pattern for Sleeveless Blouse HERE.

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