From My Sewing Table: November

It is that time of year when you switch your thermostat from “cool” to “heat.”  For me, it is a symbolic switch and indicates my acceptance of the oncoming cooler season that sees not only a change in my use of jackets but also a switch to my warmer pajamas.

The evenings are cozier now.  Candles are lit at a more regular interval than the previous months.  Hot chocolate is seen more in my coffee mug and I start searching for soup recipes on Pinterest.  I have already found quite a few I can’t wait to try! 🙂

I also begin to crave family more as the weeks to the holidays fly by and I look forward to those upcoming get togethers…even though I struggle with large crowds…just ask my poor family! 🙂  In addition to the holidays, I find the desire to nest up at home overpowers my desire to venture out into the chilly air.  To keep myself busy I have begun small crafts that I can work on in the evenings…and yes, some of them are for Christmas!

I hope that last month you took some time to appreciate the little things in life and will continue that viewpoint as we begin to round up 2015.  While the snow may start to fly, I hope that you can create a home that is warm and cozy.

In planning for this month’s theme and subsequent posts, I was enchanted to find so many wonderful articles and posts from past writers that surrounded the idea of “hearth and home.”  From dinner menus, to advice to get through the holidays, to perfecting the fashionable Autumn ensemble, November’s blog posts promise to be a virtual cornucopia of ideas and inspiration!

Happy November my friends!


“There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireside.”

A Few Upcoming Post to Look for this Month:

  • A Child’s Guide to Thanksgiving
  • Dressmaker’s Guide to Fashion, 1856
  • Perfecting the Pin Curl

November inspiration board


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