“Golden Living”

Earlier this month I discussed the idea of “golden living.”  A viewpoint which reflects planning for a wonderful future, remembering the past, and enjoying the “here and now.”  This idea is shared by so many around us in various ways.  Those who share inspirational quotes on social media, others who snap a picture at least ten times a day so as not to “forget” a second, or those, like myself, who take to recording their experiences in written form.  All wish to share a good thought with friends and family as well as for their personal feeling of peace and enjoyment.

I have a friend, who, it seems, is struggling to find those “golden” moments in her life.  With unhappiness at the core, it has seeped into so many parts of her world that I’m sure she feels she is drowning at times.  Yet, she does not seem ready to shed that dark cloak of sadness to don a brighter outlook.  And I can’t say that it is my place to force her to do so.  For I have been there too many times myself to judge.

However, once the mind is ready to “let go” and welcome the sunshine, it is amazing at the transformation it can produce.  And the more willing the mind, the brighter and more brilliant the change.  

One has to go through those dark days to appreciate the good ones and begin to see the light in all things.  Gold is a precious, sought after metal that is often given as a symbol of longevity and commitment.  So living in itself reflects this idea: as true appreciation for life comes from experiencing the bad.  It doesn’t matter what age you figure this out…all that matters is that you do and help show others the preciousness of such a life.  

May your life be as true and as bright as you wish it!

golden living cover

Cover Painting:   Winslow Homer – Autumn, 1877

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