From My Sewing Table: October

Nothing is as invigorating to my spirit as falling leaves and crisp air.  It is truly intoxicating!  As much as my fellow neighbors and I have enjoyed the warm air, many will state that their most favorite time of year is the Fall.  Their only complaint is they they wished, as do I, that autumn would stay around a bit longer.

The fleeting nature of Fall led me to ponder the often fleeting nature of the upcoming holiday season.  Oh, I know that many of you cringe at the mere mention of the holidays, especially as it is still a fair amount of time away…. yet I am always rather disappointed when the season ends and I had not taken more time to savor and enjoy it.

Just like the leaves themselves, it is important to remember that this time, and therefore anytime is golden.  Maybe it has not been your best week, month, or maybe even year, but there are precious moments to be carved out of any situation.

I’ve begun embracing this mentality in numerous parts of my life…especially during those times that are out of my control.  Choosing to cherish the here and now is an active way to make both my life and my memories golden.  As the saying goes “the best things in life are free.”  So let those best things of family, friends, and that much needed down time, be golden!


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October Inspiration

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