From Man’s Shirt to Woman’s Apron

This little apron is truly remarkable when you consider it was made from the sleeves of a man’s shirt!  

 A common practice during the Depression Era as well as World War II, this apron breathes new life into an old piece of clothing.

 Try this with any shirt or pattern you like!


  • one large/ x-large man’s shirt


Lay the shirt out flat and then cut out the sleeves.



Cut the sleeves in half down the seam, right above the placket.


Stitch the two edges together.  You want the small points to be on the outside of the apron.



Now trim off the excess fabric to create a smooth shape.


Hem all sides.

Next, cut out the top panel from the bottom of the shirt.  This natural curve of the shirt creates a nice line for the top of the apron.  My panel is 9″ by 7″.  Hem three sides, then attach to the apron waist band, right sides together.



Cut one side seam of the shirt to free the front panel.  Cut out two ties (about 3″ wide each) up to the shoulder seam.


Make the ties, then stitch, right sides together, to the apron waistband!

To wear, simply pin top panel at desired place, then tie around waist.

That’s it!  Enjoy your new apron!!





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