From My Sewing Table : September

Ever since I was a very little girl starting pre-school, September was always the start of my year.  January may be the beginning of the calendar year, but for me, September was my fresh start with the promise of new opportunities.

Long past the days of lunch boxes and backpacks, I still find that I get excited for this new season, and ready not only myself, but my house.  I have spent August pruning my closet, eating as much ice cream and hamburgers as I can hold, and basically lounging around as much as possible.  But once the first few days of September roll around, I feel energized and rejuvenated.  Maybe it is the crisp air, or the smell of the changing leaves that births this annual excitement.  Maybe it’s the bountiful harvest of apples, pears, and pumpkins that not only become delicious desserts, but also decorate my home both indoors and out.  Or perhaps it is the ingrained nature from growing up with the knowledge that September meant new clothes, reunions with old friends, and a new chance to learn and explore.

My sewing has already begun to shift from airy, light fabrics, to plaids, tweeds, and wool.  I am working hard on a 1919 outfit which has proven to be a fun challenge, as I still struggle mentally with the lower waistline.  I am also excited about a few repurposing tutorials that embodies my rejuvenation spirit of Autumn.  All in all, September is shaping up to be a beautiful and fulfilling month.

So whether you are a few or many years out from the days of books and classes, go ahead and view this month as a new season full of the same eagerness it use to hold.  Embrace the wonderful things to come and make this month A Time to Learn, by welcoming the Fall with wide, open arms.


A few upcoming posts to look for this month:

  • Clothes and Beauty Advice for the College Bound Girl (1920’s-1940’s)
  • From Man’s Shirt to Woman’s Apron (1920’s)
  • Take a field trip to Ferme Bonne Mine, as we learn more about  this wonderful, family-run farm.  In the meantime, feel free to visit their blog, or their online shop as featured in last month’s post.
  • Keep an eye out for this month’s Sewing Tip Saturday, where we focus on Tucks.

September Inspiration Board

Cover Photo: From 1900’s Advertising Calendar

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