New Takes on a Few Old Favorites….

I am all about trying new things.  And sometimes trying new things simply means taking something old and altering it into a new shape.  I particularly love doing this with my wardrobe as it not only saves money, but it is such a fun challenge to see what new outfits I can create…both through sewing as well as using already purchased pieces.

With that thought in mind, I thought I would share a few “new takes” on a variety of standards.

1. Adding layers to a simple capelet is an easy way to amp up the style and elegance to a rather easy to create accessory.  For a basic tutorial, click here.


2. Keeping in the same theme of layers, try adding them to a skirt, such as these from the 1910’s. You can also add pleats, as seen in the right hand example.  Keep the layers in a lightweight fabric to avoid adding too much bulk.


3.  Here is a unique take on a vanity case.  It looks like a flask, yet instead of liquor it holds all one’s makeup primping needs.


4.  Instead of shopping with a color in mind, why not try shopping with a particular item in mind…like the color of fruit!



5.  Why not bake dressed up?  The stars on the cooking shows do it, and their food always seems to turn out great! 🙂


6.  When it comes to organizing your sewing room, here is a different idea for hanging and organizing fabric.


7.  This little mug organizer is such a fun way to hold all your sewing tools.  The tutorial can be found here.


8.  And here are a few different ways to eat the good old hotdog.  Perfect for the last BBQ’s of the summer!

Hot Dog Recipes

Do you have any new takes on an old favorite?  I would love to hear about them! 🙂


Source: Betty Crocker’s Outdoor Cookbook, 1967

            Joy’s Jots, shots, and whatnots

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