Inspiration Board: Yellow Gowns

Following in the mood of Friday’s musical post, I thought I would share this lovely still from the musical Calamity Jane starring Doris Day.  What makes this scene so entrancing to me is that Doris, or should I say Calamity Jane, looks absolutely stunning in this buttery yellow gown!



This exact scene proved to me that blondes could wear yellow…a self-imposed restriction I had long imposed upon my fashion sense was blown right out of the window!

Yellow is fresh, airy, the essence of summer, and a color that shows up everywhere in nature.  Canary, buttercream, marigold, or lemon are just a few of the plethora of shades in which yellow can appear and each one deserves a place in your wardrobe!

So go ahead and done nature’s most “sunny” color…I know I sure will!


Yellow Gown Collage

Visit my Pinterest Page to see more gowns in a variety of delicious shades!

6 thoughts on “Inspiration Board: Yellow Gowns

  1. I realize Carol Jackson and her “seasons” are no longer fashionable, but truly she matched skin tone to colours that flatter and I never got better advice than that I read in Color Me Beautiful! She did have yellows listed for every “season” it just changed depending on your skin tone with springs and autumns getting the bulk of the yellow shades. I’m a summer so I remember best that lemon muted but light and a true yellow was my best yellow shade.

    Since I believe that book was published in 1982 I suppose it is now vintage to, … perhaps you might be able to do a little something on it in a post? I really think its advice on both colour and finding your own style of dressing is truly timeless.

    Grey Dove

    • What a wonderful idea! I remember when my mom purchased that book when I was a child along with the entire makeup line in, I believe, the autumn colors. I can recall looking through that book myself and picking out my “season.” I will have to see if she still has a copy. What a wonderful connection!
      Have a wonderful evening,

  2. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and IS a great fashion color than anyone can pull off, including blonds! I hope you will start wearing this color, it does wonders to your mood 🙂

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