The One-Yard Blouse: 1950’s Style

This is truly one of those patterns that can be made in a multitude of fabrics to accommodate a variety of events and climates.  You can wear it with a cardigan, by itself with a pair of cropped pants, or imagine one out of silk tucked into a pouffy circle skirt….the possibilities are truly endless.

All you need is one hour, one yard of fabric, and one great outfit is within your reach!

Happy Sewing!

The Materials:

  • 1 yard fabric
  • 18-25″ double fold bias tape
  • 1  – 4″ zipper
  • 1 – 7″ zipper

The Pattern:

1950’s One Yard Blouse Pattern

**** Please note that the length of this blouse should be based off of your own measurements.  Use this pattern as a guide while drafting your own blouse.***

The Process:

1. Start by sewing the shoulder pieces to the bodice piece of the front and the back.


**I have already snipped the back bodice piece in anticipation of the zipper. (See pattern)

2. Place the two bodice pieces on either your dress form or yourself to pin the darts.


3. Stitch the darts and trim off excess fabric.


4.  Go ahead and insert the 4″ zipper on the back bodice right below the neckline.

Stitch a portion of the side seam on the side you wish to have the longer zipper.  Make sure to leave 8″ to accommodate the zipper and a hem.  Insert the 7″ zipper.


5.  Stitch the other side seam and the shoulder seams.


6.  Make a hem on the bottom of the blouse and stitch.  Hem the armholes.


7.  Run a gathering stitch along the neckline of the front piece.  Gather gently.



8. Measure out enough bias tape for you neck along with 1/2″ to tuck under at the edges.  Pin to neckline gathering up the front of the bodice as needed.  Stitch making sure to catch the edges of the zipper tape in the bias tape for a clean look.



And that is all you need to have a wonderful top to take on vacation, wear in the backyard or out shopping!






19 thoughts on “The One-Yard Blouse: 1950’s Style

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  2. Edith Beckett

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have quite a few pieces in my stash that are perfect for this pattern!

  3. Leanne Reidlinger

    Hi Aimee, I love this blouse. I was wondering though, I was about to start drafting my pattern and I noticed that on your grid, your scale is 1 square = 1/2 inch. This gives a width of 22″ for the entire chest (20 without ease). Is that correct? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Leanne,
      Yes, it is 22″ not including ease. However, let your bust measurement be your guide. The waist can be darted as needed if you want to go up or down on the measurements.
      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know! I’m happy to help!
      Good Luck,

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  6. Tina

    This is so cute! I want to make it right now!! I hope I can draw out the pattern correctly. I’ve never drawn out a pattern from a grid before but I’m going to try!

  7. Kat Taylor

    Hi Aimee, the blouse looks beautiful, but I am really puzzled by the pattern. Looking at the grid (with 1 sq being 0.5 in), that would make the blouse 5.5 in or 14cm long from neckline to hem? If it isn’t actually drawn to scale, how do I work out how to correctly draft the front and back shoulder pieces please? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi! This measurements show on the grid were used for this particular size and dress form. I would first label all the sample pattern pieces with the grid measurements and then take those same measurements on yourself (or whoever you are making the blouse for.) For example, the under arm measurement on the grid pattern is 4”, but you need it to be 6” long. Simply draft your base pattern longer/wider, etc. You can do this for the whole pattern and then just make sure you add a seam allowance as needed. Hope this helps!

  8. Klára Váradi

    Hi, I would like to ask about the pattern. I counted the squares but I am very confused. 5.5 squares on the front/back bodice times half an inch equals cca 7cm (I work in centimeters) according to the scale.That just makes no sense to me. I may be missing something here,please advice.I love the blouse and would love to make it:) Many thanks! Klara

    • Hi! The pattern is a guide using measurements that I had created for a specific dressform. I would take your own measurements using the pattern as a guide for location- your under arm, bust, armhole, etc. Then take those measurements and either add length or take away as needed to create your own tailored pattern. If you are worried about it being too small, add more length/width and do a mock-up to check for fit. I hope this helps. Thank you!

  9. Klára Váradi

    Hi there! Thanks a lot for your reply:) I will try my luck and if my attempt comes out decent, I will definitely send you a picture of it:) Stay safe and greetings from Prague! Klara

  10. Jasmine

    Hi, thank you for this beautiful pattern. I was wondering about bust darts. Have you ever included those? I think that I might need those more than I would need waist darts. Thank you!

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