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I have been found guilty of a crime.  A fashion crime, that in my heart, I know I shouldn’t break, but I do.  What is this self-imposed, guilty verdict about?…wearing what I will call “comfy” clothes when I travel.  You know, yoga pants and a very roomy, been-wearing-it-since-college, hoodie.  I have several reasons for this outfit choice (none of which frankly hold up in court):

  1. Comfort
  2. I don’t enjoy flying, so the more comfortable the better.
  3. The less complicated pieces I have on, the easier it is to remove them for security checks.

That’s it.  Flimsy excuses for voluntarily looking like I just rolled out of bed.  Maybe I’m not the only one, but I truly admire those women who look so put together and stylish as they stroll through the airport, pulling their polka-dot suitcase behind them…and frankly I’m sure they are comfortable as well!

The above described women used to be the norm.  Traveling meant pulling together your best looks and presenting a thoroughly chic presence to all those you met on your voyage.  It was the ultimate challenge to create outfits that were fashionable, elegant, and could hold up to whatever method of travel you were planning on taking.  Train rides required simple gowns that didn’t wrinkle easily and wouldn’t get caught on other passengers as you went through those narrow corridors.  Automobile rides in the early days demanded long, linen colored coats to keep the dust at bay, while those who took to the air, required ensembles that would stay politely in one’s own chair.  However, if you were one of those lucky few to travel by ocean liner, than the sky, or should I say the ocean, was the limit.

Here are a few samples of various types of outfits women would wear as they traveled for work, for family visits, or for fun!

Traveling Outfits


As always, feel free to hop over to my Pinterest page, for more delightful looks!

And I hope the next time you see me traveling, I will look as put together as these lovely ladies!


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