From My Sewing Table: July

I have many memories as a child of my older brother and I being packed up in our family minivan, with snacks, toys, and books, as the whole family set out on another summer vacation.  While the trips may not have gone as terrible as the Griswolds on their trip to Wally World, there are many instances I remember of car sickness, sibling fights, and that never ending question of “are we there yet?”  My dad always said (and he will more than likely chuckle when he reads this post) that family trips are like different types of metal: the planning is silver, the trip is lead, and the memories are golden.  While this saying may be true of many of our family trips (the lead part), these vacations are precious to me because we were all together, and heading somewhere sure to be fun.

Even though one can take vacations or holidays any time of the year, to me, none are more exciting than those taken in the heat of the summer.  But as I have grown older and become more and more of a homebody, “stay-cations” have become a beloved part of summer living.  Something about sitting out on my front porch or on the back deck, sipping an ice tea, for as long as I can take the heat just seems so “vacation-y.”

How many families of the past took “stay-cations” or saved up enough to take the family for the first time to the seaside?  Did they travel by train, on a large ocean liner, or brave that new-fangled contraption – the airplane?

I am a big believer in family vacations whether you take them overseas or you discover new places right out your back door.  Therefore this month’s theme (in case you haven’t already guessed) is all about “Going on Vacation.”  I have been busy researching, creating, and sewing up many delightful posts on vacationing from as far back as the 1850’s…with lots of delightful fashion advice.

So get ready to take a trip into the past, as you go on a vacation of your own, or like me, kick your feet up in your own backyard.

Happy Traveling,


A few posts to watch for this month:

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  • Hotel Etiquette for the 1860’s Traveling Lady
  • Hosting a Destination Themed Party

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