Inspiration Board: Sky Blue Gowns

On a summer trip I took with my dad years ago, we drove across the midwest on an adventure that took us through some pretty unique parts of the Great Plains.  But one thing I distinctly remember was how large and blue the sky was.  If any of you live near mountains, you, perhaps unknowingly, have become use to the close, almost comforting, feeling of the sky.  Your eye pleasantly rests upon hills, forests, and mountainsides on a daily basis.  Transplant that same person into the heart of the plains, where the sky is a giant expanse above you, and you are amazed at the realization that the curve you see isn’t a hill, but the earth, and that can be quite overwhelming.

That landscape was a unique freeing experience where nothing seemed to be in your way as you traveled mile upon mile.  But the sky…that sky was the bluest I think I have ever seen.  Not a baby blue, or a navy, but a true blue.  And that, in my humble opinion, is what a summer sky should look like.

Blue is a calming and flattering color.  It is amazing at how many women have blue in their wardrobe, in both the past and the present, and therefore we are so fortunate to have so many examples.  Despite the slight fading the years have brought on, many of these gowns are still stunners.

Therefore, in honor of summer, in honor of the sky, and in honor of those lucky midwesterners who get to enjoy that sapphire beauty, this month’s gown Inspiration Board is all about Sky Blue!



june blue

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Board: Sky Blue Gowns

  1. Enchantingly beautiful gowns! This shade of blue – neither whisper soft nor roaring loud, but some where in between with a jolt of allure swirled into the mix, is a perpetual favourite of mine. In fact, I’ve been hunting for the perfect vintage (likely 40s) dress in it for many years now. The search continues, but I have faith one will come my way sooner or later.

    ♥ Jessica

    • “Whisper soft nor roaring loud”…what a beautiful way to describe that blue! I am so glad that you like the gowns I chose. It is always the hardest part to decide which dresses to include in the post! 🙂 Good luck on your gown hunt…I hope one makes it’s way to you!

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