Designing and Decorating The Front Porch

Decorating and furnishing one’s front porch can be viewed, in my opinion, two different ways: coordinated and classic, or eclectic and refurbished. Both are modes in which the homeowner can portray not only their personal decorating style, but also can create an inviting space for family and friends. Mornings spent chatting with old friends, or afternoons enjoyed catching up on some reading or handwork, are all better enjoyed on a comfortable and colorfully decorated porch.

Read on for some advice in porch decorating from 1920’s experts:

“As you ring in the summer when the family living room is transferred out-of-doors, it means a great deal to have the outside so furnished that it is a pleasant place to spend one’s leisure hours. By furnished, I mean not so much the chairs, settees, or tables, but the accessories that go so far toward creating out-of-doors an atmosphere of sunny welcome both to the members of your family and to the guests who by chance come to visit your home.

Because color is so much a part of summer, it may be used more freely on porches and decks that would be possible indoors. Once you decide on a color scheme, be sure it is carried out in the rug as well as the materials used for cushions or chair upholstery. These materials should always be durable and sunfast, if possible; so you will find cretonne, gingham, chambray, and cotton duck fabrics best not only for their color choices, but also for the ease with which they can be laundered.

To carry out your plan of beautifying your outdoor living room, you must consider the furniture, too. The work of painting a chair is not all that difficult, so even if you have not had any previous experience, do not delay your first step for you will find this branch of reclaiming furniture truly fascinating. A miscellaneous collection of chairs, when painted all one color, are surprisingly improved, and when you finished the cushions of harmonizing colors, they will fully repay you by their appearance for the time you have spent on them. The list on this page provides ideas for colors to be used for your furniture as well as provides ideas for colors to be used for rugs, cushions, and upholstery. select a scheme that is harmonious with the color of your house if it is possible to do so. “

june porch colors

By Margaret Murrin – Inspiration, June/July, 1925

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