From My Sewing Table – June

Sitting on my front porch is like sitting in a beloved bistro or cafe.  Instead of small tables littered around a restaurant, each little house on my street with their porches, creates a delightful blend of mutual isolation.  Communally out and enjoying the nice weather, yet focused on private conversations, private thoughts, and private observations.  My front porch is where I write best.  A problem since I live in the north east and therefore only get to enjoy the outdoor weather for a few months.  But I love the muted background noise of my street, as old and young take their daily lives outdoors.  I am apart of it, and yet a silent observer on the outskirts….my personal favorite place to be.

The front porch is a sacred part of American living and my anonymous haven amidst the fray.  It is a place where friends can meet casually and chat, where one can watch the sunrise, or retire at the end of a long day and listen to the cricket’s song take over for the buzz of the bees.  Creating a living space that extends out of one’s home and onto the front porch has been the goal of many a homeowner over the years, along with the delightful activities that one can also do outside.  Therefore, this month will focus on porch living, outdoor fun, and summer fashion.

So take time this summer to create a little retreat where life can delightfully exist around you and with you!


A few upcoming posts to look for this month:

  • Summer Games and Summer Parties (1920’s)
  • Creating an Old-Fashioned Garden
  • Finding the Perfect Fragrance (1910’s)

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One thought on “From My Sewing Table – June

  1. Ooohh, those upcoming posts sound marvelous! I’m especially intrigued to hear more about an Edwardian take on finding the perfect fragrance.

    Have a stellar June!
    ♥ Jessica

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