HSM Practicality: 1920’s Kimono

Nothing says practicality more than a robe….but that doesn’t mean it has to be a practical looking robe.  So for this month’s challenge, I decided to create a 1920’s Kimono robe…a blending of both the HSM theme and my personal blog’s theme of “All Things Beautiful.”  While this was not one of my more adventurous projects, it was nonetheless enjoyable, especially since I knew that this particular fabric would create an elegant robe.

I used a variety of patterns, mostly from descriptions in magazines, to create the basic shape of the robe, along with some well placed tucks on both the front and the back to give it a bit more shape.  While I can’t imagine this being a warm wrap in the winter, it is the perfect weight for the heat of the summer.

Here are a few sample kimonos from which I took inspiration:

may kimono

And now for the details:

Challenge: Practicality

Fabric: 4 yards sheer poly blend fabric

Pattern: Created based off of primary source descriptions and pictures

Year: 1920’s

Notions: 2 yards of ribbon for the tie

How Historically Accurate is it: Very accurate

Hours to Complete: 2 hours

Total Cost: $20










As May comes winding down, I am feeling very grateful for the warmer weather and the freedom that the summer months have to offer.  I am also very excited about the posts I have planned for June…I can’t wait!


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