The Beauty of Hair Combs

A child of the eighties, I always had something in my hair.  A barrette, headband, scrunchie, or those strange banana hair clips that turned the back of your head into some strange cascade of curls, were all used at some point in my life.  While I thought of myself as something special with my ribbon barrettes clipped into my pigtails, I am sure I was not nearly as sophisticated as those women who adorn their carefully constructed coifs with hair combs such as these.

The hair comb has seen itself reimagined and used in all cultures of the world, and it is no wonder, as these small little dainties add such beauty.  While my favorites are bedecked with cameos or jewels, there are so many varieties to satisfy any taste or hair length that the possibilities are endless.

So whether small or large, bone or shell, jeweled or painted, hair combs are a wonderful way to add extra beauty to your hair.

may hair comb

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Hair Combs

  1. They truly are and it’s a shame that we don’t see them sported very often these days, especially outside of the context of weddings (and even there, they aren’t terribly common any longer). Do you happen to know a lovely lady named Bianca from the blog The Closet Historian? She’s a huge fan of antique and vintage hair combs and has written a number of really enjoyable posts on the topic. It isn’t everyday I encounter folks who love hair combs, so in case you hadn’t discovered her posts, I wanted to let you know right away!

    Have a beautiful Memorial Day,
    ♥ Jessica

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