Creating a Vintage Inspired Vanity Display

I have to say, out of all the advances that women’s fashion and all of it’s many parts has undergone, the one I am most appreciative of is the social acceptance of makeup.  Makeup is and has been many things to me.  It was a right of passage into womanhood, an ever evolving skill that saw me through high school and college with few regrets, and a tool that allows me to present my best self.  Maybe we give makeup too much power, or maybe we let makeup inhibit our social outings…you know the “I can’t go out because I don’t have any makeup on” excuse?  Which, yes, I have used many times.   For such a small little pots and tubes, they sure can alter a person.  Once I slick on eyeliner into my signature cat eye, I feel I can conquer the world.

The older I get, however, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin.  Yet say that I don’t need makeup would be a lie.  I do need it.  I enjoy it.  And I find it’s shimmers, hues, and finishes to empower me throughout the day.

I was browsing through Ulta a few weeks ago, and was disappointed at the lack of imagination that goes into many of the packaging of makeup.  I mean, does everything really have to be in a black container?  For a product that itself is color….the containers do not often show it.  While you can still find cosmetics in the vintage gold containers, they are often expensive or come in few colors.

Soooo I began a hunt to find a way to create a more attractive and vintage inspired vanity area.  While I wasn’t able to find alternatives for eyeliner or mascara, I was able to come up with some unique ideas for all those bland containers!

A decorated jar makes the perfect receptacle for liquid makeup remover:


A small teacup holds loose blush beautifully.  Simply break up any compact blush if you can’t find loose blush.



A sugar bowl works great for loose face powder as the wider mouth allows for a brush or powder puff.


With a few other pieces and purchases, you can then begin to create your vintage inspired vanity!

I started with a decorative metal tray.


A small vase of flowers adds some nice height.


Arrange your cosmetics as desired.  I added a small pitcher of makeup brushes and a pot of lip gloss that I purchased at Anthropologie.


One the other side I put body powder, hand lotion (both purchased at Home Goods), the makeup remover, and two small bottles of perfume.


For a finishing touch, a glass jar that holds cotton balls and Q-tips adds great counterbalance.


I hope you all create a little space for your morning ritual!  And if you know of places I can purchase more vintage inspired makeup, I would be very appreciative!


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