In the Craft Room: Wrapping Paper Covered Books

Sometimes, I love the slightly worn look of books that I have gleaned from used book or antique stores.  Gently used edges, slightly ruffled bindings, and the faded artwork on the cover, all add to the charm of each book.  Yet, there are also several books with covers that… well let’s just say, have seen better days.  While the content inside may be timeless….many of the covers are not.  For such books in my library, I prefer to cover them in the nicest, prettiest, sturdiest wrapping paper I can find.  Not only does this help protect the cover and binding of these books, it also adds to the ambiance on my bookshelf.  Here is how I do it:

Start by placing your book to be covered on top of the wrapping paper.


Cut out a rectangle that is 3 ” longer on the top and bottom (6″ total) and 4-5″ wider on the sides with the book open (9-10″ total.)  Crease the top and bottom of the wrapping paper against the book.  Remove the book and press these creases firmly.


Starting on one side of the book, fold over the excess paper.  Crease the fold.



Carefully insert the book cover into the opening of the wrapping paper fold.  This pocket was made when you made the folds on the top and the bottom of the rectangle.


Tape the inside edge down.


Repeat with the other side making sure to allow for the binding of the book.  Double check that the book can close fully before you tape the other side of the cover.  Next, carefully tape the sides of the pockets that may stick out.



Now you have a beautifully covered book!

Try coordinating prints that will harmonize with your craft space and your sewing area.



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