Homely Advice and Things Worth Knowing

As I come to the end of an exhausting and yet refreshing month of spring cleaning, I find myself ready to be done and yet still unconsciously smiling as I see the changes that I have made to my little home. Though on one occasion I threw a mini tantrum at the thought of cleaning out one more closet….just ask my husband…he was there…not one of my finest moments. Still, as Madonna once sang, “I made it through the wilderness…”

I am currently knee-deep in plans for next month and am enjoying every minute of it. Especially since I have completed the reorganization of my sewing studio and am ready to get in and start creating. But it isn’t May yet, so I will save all this for a later date. πŸ™‚

To end this month’s theme and wrap up a very successful April, I thought I would share with you some “Homely Advice” and some “Things Worth Knowing” from the August 1885, Good Housekeeping.

Let’s start with the advice:

“Let your home be a hospitable one; always take your friends into your own home life…As a child I remember the family motto; ‘Welcome the coming, and speed the parting guest is true hospitality’ – and in my home was always carried out. My own experience has taught me that a real welcome puts one much more at ease than any amount of fine cooking.”

– Mrs. Ellen Bliss Hooker

Amen to the last line….sometimes my dinner doesn’t always turn out! πŸ™‚

And now for some “Things Worth Knowing”

– That one today is worth two tomorrows.
-That there is no blessing equal to the possession of a stout heart.
-That the future destiny of the child is always the work of the parent.
-That anticipating trouble often harbors terror and anguish to no purpose.
-That he is rich who is satisfied with what he hath – whether it be little or much.
-That the best way to keep good acts in memory is to refresh them with new ones.

I will try to work on the last one…what a beautiful piece of advice.

Enjoy the last few days of April my friends, and I will see you all in May!
– Aimee


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