Tidying Up Your Sewing Space

I am in the last push of spring cleaning.  It hasn’t been easy but it has been quite successful. The only remaining space that I have left to tackle is my sewing studio.  I spent the weekend putting up new lights around my light box as well as some new lights above my cutting table.  While I am still in the process of putting the organized chaos back together I thought I would share several pictures that I have used as either guidelines or inspiration to further organize and personalize my creative space.

1.  Create a pegboard to hold all rulers, tools, and scissors.  I want to put one next to my cutting table .


2. Create a caddy from tin cans to hold notions on sewing table.



3. Organize ribbon in a decorative and efficient manner.  I liked the look of these…maybe paint paper towel holders?


4.  Create furniture that has more than one use.  I LOVED this idea of a shelf and a ironing board.


5. Organize smaller yardage fabrics.  Place on either a shelf or in drawers.




6. Create a focus wall.  I have too much white going on in my area.  I would really like to create a unique wall display.




Are you in the midst of organization?  Do you have any ideas that would be helpful?  Would love to hear from you!

Happy Tidying,


4 thoughts on “Tidying Up Your Sewing Space

  1. Helpful info and ideas! I’m still “recovering” from moving and my sewing studio is a wreck. I used to have an ironing/storage station like the one shown and I miss it, so thanks for reminding me of that dual-duty space saver. I rent, so putting up sheets of pegboard isn’t going to fly. But I’ve found that Command brand hooks work wonderfully well for rulers, cutting guides, general doo-dads and even a cheap bridal hoop skirt. They also make things like cell phone holders, picture hangers, shallow trays and cups – and they all stick on the wall and the stickum removes without a trace. Makes it easy to change a room’s layout without making more holes in the wall. 🙂

  2. Tegan

    I have very little space, and my studio does dual duty as sewing/yarn and music (I teach). So I have three tomato boxes/paper boxes that I stack. Bottom is my thread — all sorted into ziplock bags via color, usually a gallon bag as I have waaaaaaaay too much thread. Next up is the notions box, a little more haphazardly arranged. Then is the box of ribbon and lace — all of which is, again, sorted into ziplock bags so as to not get tangled or dirty. The tippy top of the pile is a 4-5 pint vegetable box (open on top with a little handle) that previously had held my newspaper and other papers for pattern making, and now is holding the AMAZINGLY HUGE collection of bias tape that I just received for free from a friend — and because I’m insane, it’s of course sorted by color and makes me SO HAPPY just looking at it. 😀

    I keep yarn in open-topped, cloth-lined bins on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. I keep fabric on wire modular shelving. I’m a fan of storage spaces that can store a heck of a lot in a small amount of space. Oh, and I’m a third floor apartment with sloping ceilings down to the floor, so I can’t do the pegboard thing either. 😛

    What did you wind up deciding for your storage problems?

    • Oh my goodness! That bias tape sounds like an amazing rainbow of sewing fun!
      I ended up getting a large wide shelf that I keep my “going to use next” fabric bolts along with baskets that I organized my current projects into. I also added a shelf to keep cut out dress pieces together so I would stop just moving the pile around my room. 🙂

      I have a few more pieces to get to better store my patterns but it is coming along nicely.

      You teach music as well and you sew? You sound sooo creative! 🙂
      Have a great day,

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