Inspiration Board: Pink Gowns

No other color in my mind evokes spring better than pink.  I love pink during any time of the year, however, I find myself drawn to the soft hue more when tulips and hyacinths are in full bloom.  Between Easter dresses and nail polish color, pink just fits best!

With that in mind, this month’s color board  must of course, be pink!  And let me tell you, there are many examples in this tone.   Whether the wearer wished for a deep red and the dye didn’t take, or whether the color has lightened over time to a soft rose, the femininity of these historical gowns can’t be denied.

As fabric weaving and fabric dyeing grew in sophistication, so did the various types of pinks available to the home seamstress.  From double pinks to cinnamon pinks, rose pinks to hot pinks, one’s personal choice could easily find it’s perfect pink match.

Here are a few of my favorite historical pink gowns!

april pink gowns

To see more styles and pinks, feel free to visit my Pinterest page.

Enjoy the fresh spring air and the soft pastels of nature around you!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Board: Pink Gowns

  1. What a lovely set of pinks! I especially like the 1920’s dress and the robe a la francaise gown. I’ll be starting a pink dress myself soon and look forward seeking inspiration on your Pinterest page. Happy Spring!

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