In the Craft Room: Scrapbook Notepads

I live my life by lists….and I love it!  Lists help me stay focused, reach goals and accomplishments, and help people think that I can do it all (whether that is true or not.)  What I also like are pretty things.  And pretty things that I can make lists on are the best of both worlds!

This very quick and very satisfying DIY will make your pattern planning, list making, gown designing sessions just that much more productive.

Supplies needed:

  • legal pads in any size
  • Scrapbook paper in coordinating shades
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • scissors.


Now draw out the shape of the legal on the back of the scrapbook paper.  The goal is to have the paper cover the top part of the pad and go down almost half way the back.



Make as many shapes and you have notepads and cut out.


Apply glue to the top part of the notepad on the front and stick the edge of the paper.  Press firmly then turn over and crease over the top.  Add as much glue as will cover the area in which the paper will touch the note pad.  Press firmly.


And voila….custom made notepads!


I also thought I would share my custom-made, drafting pattern, graph paper!  Simply print out as many copies as needed and draft away.

graph paper

Happy planning!


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