The Elegance of The Nightgown

Whether flannel, linen, cotton, or silk, no other garment can evoke a feeling of femininity and comfort quite like a nightgown.  Following a long, hot soak in a bathtub, slipping on a clean nightgown is the completion of a wonderful relaxing ritual.  Although, in my experience, the use of a nightgown for actual sleeping over the years is not as common, nonetheless, the appeal remains.

With its simple start as the shift or chemise worn under one’s day clothes, the nightgown has evolved into a complete garment of its own.  With frills and lace more popular during certain times than others, examples are as varied as day gowns.  And as these gowns grew in popularity, so did the advertisements, evoking all the grace and charm many women desired.





Even though I am unable to sleep in a nightgown without it ending up around my neck by morning, the attraction of these elegant shifts still draw me.


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