Be The Best of Whatever You Are

I have found that one’s own journey to life long fulfillment is just that, life long.  Especially at this time in my life as many decisions are before me and need to be made.  The search for this fulfillment seems to be a constantly evolving “thing” that twists and turns as the years go by.

Several years ago, I read a poem written by Douglas Malloch in the early 20th century  which spoke of being the best at whatever you are, wherever your are.  When I find myself overwhelmed with personal comparisons, judgements, and the want to bypass struggling times, I will pause and reflect upon this poem and it’s meaning.  Being content with my life is something, like many of us, I struggle with as I make those too often comparisons with others around me.  Putting the focus back on to what I do have rather than what I don’t have is so important.

So as we grapple with life choices, I encourage you all (as well as myself) to take the message of this poem as both inspiration and security.  Whatever you wish to be…be it.   Whatever you wish to do…do it.  But do it for yourself and at your speed.

If life seem too much of a hamster wheel, get off – if only for a little while, and see that who you are, wherever you are at this very moment, is perfect.

~ Aimee

March poem

 Painting by Norman Rockwell

Poem by Douglas Malloch

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