A little dose of Cranberry…

Well, I completed my 1930’s day dress, which consists of a skirt, blouse, and belt.  The block pattern that I created worked out very well, for the most part, and I think I like it!  I have, however, learned several things during the project that I would now like to share with you!

Things I learned while sewing a 1930’s outfit:

1. It is amazing how fast one can complete a 20th century outfit when one is so used to a 19th century outfit which literally takes ten times longer.

2.After three hours and the project is done, it is not uncommon for one to  sit and stare puzzled thinking “Did I miss a step?”

3.  When the book tells you there is very little extra width in the skirt pattern…they really mean it.  (Again, not a thought when you are used to five yards per skirt.)

4.  I need better practice at putting in zippers…

So the question begs to be asked…will I try another one?  Yes!  But hopefully with a much better zipper!

Here are the pictures!








You might have also notice the slight changes showing up on my blog…from a new header, to new categories.  This is all part of a new and exciting direction I wish to take my blog!  Sewing will still be a main part of the content, as well as hair tutorials, but I will be expanding into other areas of historical living and crafting .  There will also be some new reoccurring posts with the aim of sharing more of myself with you and my love for all things feminine and historical!

Thank you all for reading and allowing me to share my passions with you!


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