Some New Additions…

I recently purchased two new fashion design books to add to my library.  I bought both of these books off of Amazon for a total of $50!

1. The Voice of Fashion


This is a phenomenal book that features 79 patterns and drawings of the Turn of the Century Women’s Fashion.  From day dresses, to evening gowns and capes, this book has it all.  The potential challenge?… all the patterns are in the Diamond Measuring System which is going to take quite a bit of time to decipher…but isn’t that what cold, snowy days are for! 🙂

2. Dress Cutting: 1930’s





A new edition from the original printed in 1932, this little book is a gold mine!  It uses a mathematic method to explain pattern drafting through creating a block pattern which every article of clothing in the book uses as a base.  Once you get over the AA2 and 1/4 of the bust minus 2 ” jargon, it is fantastic!  I have begun the process of measuring and will begin drafting the block pattern soon.



I am also in the process of re-photographing all my gowns for sale.  Now that I have created a new backdrop, it is time to change everything over from black to white!

 Enjoy your Tuesday!



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