1880’s Twisted Hairstyle

To create an easy 1880’s inspired hairstyle, begin with curly hair and lots of bobby pins:


Take a few front pieces and keep them to the side, then start the process by making one loose bun around your crown.  Try to keep it puffy in the front.

Continue until you have several curly buns.


Then take the front pieces you left out and twist them away from your face and into your buns.



Then perch your hat on top, pin to your hair, and dress yourself in your best 1880’s attire!





3 thoughts on “1880’s Twisted Hairstyle

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  2. Terry

    Wow! You created the entire look perfectly. I used to do costuming for local theater. I would put great effort into recreating the clothing as well as possible on a budget. If nothing else, if you get the silhouette correct, you are 3/4 of the way there. But I had to work with the “hair stylist” who did ghastly, sloppy hair styles which were never historically accurate and which were done with horrid, cottony wigs! That is what would top off my creations!! So you can imagine how much I appreciate this post – getting the hair right is super important!!

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