I just don’t know even where to start…

I am in the midst of finishing up an 1880’s Princess seam dress which has proven to be a bit more challenging than I originally thought.  I have achieved a clean fit all over except the left lower portion of the gown…it just won’t hang nicely.  Ugh!  I am hoping that I can fix that soon and show pictures in my new light box I created! 🙂

But while I was researching for this particular gown, I came across this stunner.  And looking at it…I wouldn’t even know where to start on it’s creation!

Dress, French, ca. 1880s. Princess-line, one piece.


Just gorgeous!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I just don’t know even where to start…

  1. The first time I saw this dress I was taken aback. There is so much going on – the funky green, the scalloped front, the pleated panel that wraps around the hips and, of course, the requisite rows of ruffles and lace. It was just too much. Then it started growing on me. I can’t do those colors, but I really do like it. As for where to begin…I’m stumped, too. Perhaps the local wine merchant?

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