HSM: Dimity Bustle and Petticoat Complete!!

I am very pleased to have finished the January challenge of the Historical Sew Monthly a little earlier than originally planned!  I had a great time creating these two pieces and am excited to use them as the foundation pieces for February’s color challenge of blue.

Completing the bustle came with a few challenges, especially since the sides of the bustle have a slight bubble to them from the inside panels being tied.  You will see what I mean when you look at the side of the finished product.  Here are a few pictures of the final stages of the bustle: inserting the boning, adding the side panels, and attaching the inner ties.








Since I had extra time and extra material, I created a petticoat to go with the bustle.  I wasn’t able to take any production pictures, but if you have any questions about how I created it, please feel free to ask.  Here was the drawing I used as inspiration:


And now here is the information for the completed challenge along with many pictures!  I hope you enjoy!

The Challenge: Foundations – 1878 Dimity Bustle and Petticoat

Fabric: 9 yards of white muslin

Pattern: Both pieces were made from drawings taken from Harper’s Bazar

Year: Natural Form – 1875-1882

Notions: 5 yards of boning, thread, cording, twill tape, ribbon

Historically Accurate:  Since both pieces are based off of originals, I would say they are fairly authentic, although they are lacking the extra amount of detail, lace, and ruffles that accompany items from this period.

Hours to Complete: 9 hours for both

First Worn: Not yet, but I am made these items to fit me…so hopefully soon!

Total Cost: $30













News to come soon for my next challenge!  Have a wonderful evening!

 – Aimee

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