1770 Polonaise Gown

Well, I am on my way to completing my first personal sewing challenge, so here are the finished pictures, along with several construction pictures, of the gown.  I am not happy with the final pictures..the tones is very off, so I may retake them and repost at another time.  But I still wanted to share what I have completed so far!

Here are the two fabrics I choose: one for the petticoat and one for the over dress.



I created a shorter petticoat and placed it over panniers.  I also added extra padding on the bum area.



Then I cut out the bodice pieces for the over dress, added in boning to the lining, and stitched it all together.


I added shorter elbow length sleeves, the over-skirt, and two lengths of cording on the inside to create the puffs.

Here are the finished pictures…again, I do not like the color tone….oh well! 🙂








The dress form bust area is too large for the final measurements, so that is why the hook and eyes have a slight pull.


I also decided to participate in the Historical Sew Monthly challenge and will be beginning January’s challenge this weekend!  Stay tuned for future posts!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend.  It is snowing like crazy where I am, so a cup of coffee is in order and a good magazine to read while I snuggle on the couch!

 – Aimee

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