2015 Sewing Challenge

I’m going to try something this year that I have seen many others do, but have never done myself!  A yearly sewing challenge!  Normally I just sew project by project choosing each one at a time, however I have really felt a desire to try some new fashion styles.  Following one of the longest creativity droughts I have had in a years, I want to keep my sewing fresh and challenging.  I have created a special Pinterest board specifically for any inspirational pictures I will use for each project, so feel free to check it out!  Here is the link.

I have chosen 12 items with the goal of doing at least one per month.  With some being less complicated than others, I am hoping that this will be a challenge I can complete along with perhaps a few extra surprises along the way!  I have listed the following in chronological order along with one inspiration picture for each!

2015 Sewing Challenge List

1. 1560’s Gown




2. 1560’s Ladies Head Piece



3. 1500’s Bum Roll



4. 1570’s Kirtle



5. 1780’s Polonaise Gown




6. 1780’s Women’s Hat



7. 1700’s Corset



8. 1840’s Day Dress



9. 1870’s Princess Seam Afternoon Gown

c08b2cab6359adca4af5d398345663c210. 1870’s Ruffled Petticoat



11. 1930’s Gown



12. 1940’s Evening Gown



So there it is!  My official challenge list with the ability to choose any project at anytime.  And if you noticed, there is one time period I did not do: 1850-1860.  Since I have done so many gowns from this time period, I wanted to try something new!

If you are doing a similar challenge, I would love to hear about it!

Enjoy the freshness and liberation that the new year can bring!

 – Aimee

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