And of course, we must always end with fashion….

So this week we have ogled over cozy 1840’s cottages, learned various ways to keep one’s body trim and toned, that now it is only fitting to end with the most loveliest examples of 1840’s beauty.  These two paintings were taken from a 1848 Godey’s Book and I’m sure are the 19th century equivalent to “cover girls.”  Possessing all the most desirable qualities of the 1840’s woman, these beautiful drawings, I’m sure, inspired many young women.  From attempting to recreate those glossy ringlets, to decorating their gowns just so, these examples must have been pored over with the same intensity that women of today have scrolling through numerous Pinterest boards searching for their next “date night” outfit.  But as my grandmother used to say “the insides must always match the outsides”… so lets hope that these young women were as beautiful to interact with as they were to look at!

Happy weekend everyone!


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