1840’s Pleated Dress Cont…

So I have been slowly but surely working on the corally-pink pleated gown.  After I basted the pleats onto the shoulder, I hand stitched them at certain points to make sure they stayed in place, as well as stitched the ends of the pleats so they would lay flat.


This part was very time consuming and I stuck myself four times with the result of my fingers becoming clumsy from all of the bandaids…the life of a sewer!

Than I made three oval pieces to put over the edges of the front pleats and to go over the shoulder seams.  The front piece I edged in piping.


I did a simple running stitch along the outer edges of the three pieces.


The next step is to attach the sleeves.  Stay-tuned!!

2 thoughts on “1840’s Pleated Dress Cont…

  1. kyra

    I’m currently starting to making a 1839 day dress, everything is hand sewn, and i also have the individual pleats which are strips. i can see you have done a dress with the strips of fabric acting as pleated decoration. could you tell me where you found your reference for this to please. I don’t seem to be having any luck with this element of the dress. thank you Kyra

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