An 1840’s Pleated Gown

Okay…so I had every intention of beginning to recreate the 1850’s Day Gown I made earlier in the year.  See post HERE.  So I took my little self down to the fabric store I use and bought beautiful terra cotta color fabric.  I just fell in love with it and quickly scooped up 9 yards again, with every intention of starting it.  However, the fabric just didn’t seem to want to be an 1850’s gown.  People think I’m crazy, but usually when I shop for fabric, I never go in with what I want to make, I just find fabric I like and it tells me what it wants to be.   And for the most part, it turns out!  I find when I stray from that method, I end up making a hot mess.

Anyway…so this fabric just did not want to be an 1850’s or even 1860’s gown…it wanted to be an 1840’s gown.  I apologize to a faithful reader who has been patiently waiting for me to recreate the 1850’s gown…I promise it will happen!!! 🙂

I took a few pictures of what I have accomplished so far:

The bodice has a deeper point in the front than an 1850’s gown –




And I decided to pipe the major seam lines of the bodice, in addition to the armholes –



I wanted to create a series of pleats that go along the bust line and then are gathered into a oval shaped piece in the center…so I cut out a lot of bias strips-



I measured out 12 strips for each side in sizes ranging from 11″ to 16″.  Looking back on it now, I should have started at 13″ as the 11″ are a little shorter than I wanted, but I will make it work-



Then I folded the strips in half, stitched them, and then pressed the strips flat with the seam in the back –



I made this extra lined piece for the bodice with which to mount the strips on.  I may end up cutting it in half and stitching it directly to the bodice, but I am not sure yet –



Then I pinned the strips in an overlapping manner on each side –


After this I will stitch the pleats at the top and attach it all to the bodice.

Will keep you all posted!

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