Pleats: An Easy Way to Make Something Special

I am all about subtle details that add beauty and elegance to a gown.  In my sewing, and in my modern dressing, I love to let the fabric and soft alterations of the fabric be the focus of what I am making/wearing.  This is why I love pleats.  Pleats, in my opinion, can range from soft gathers that are pressed, to perfectly measured and spaced out folds.  Pleats, whether sewn in or draped on top, are the simplest and quickest way to make what would be a simple gown into something elegant and feminine.  All you need is fabric!

 Let’s take a look at some examples:

Here the pleats are around the hem of this 1850’s gown and softly gathered into the yoke of the wide neckline on the bodice.



Here the pleats are not only along the sweeping 1830’s neckline, but also are featured in the sleeve, which has been pleated into the armhole.





Now in this example the pleats are the skirt gathered oh so delicately and meticulously into this 1840’s bodice…stunning!



Ummmm yeah….I think this 1850’s example can speak for itself.  I hope that in another twenty years, I will have the experience and skill to give this a whirl!



Here the pleats are made by running even gathering stitches throughout the bottom portion of this 1850’s bodice and then pulled up and secured.




So go ahead and give pleats a try!  You will be surprised at how easy they are to create and what an addition they will make to your gown!

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