How to Make a Hair Rat: The Modern Way!

I was asked a few weeks ago how to create this hairstyle with shoulder length hair: Post on how to create this look HERE



Now women in the 19th century would use hair rats, which are little rolls of their hair that either fell out or was brushed out.  Of course going that route is still an option, but I did a little research and found a great way to create a hair rat for your 19th century hairstyles the 21st century way!  All you need is a sock bun and a pair of scissors!



Now I call the little donut shape a sock bun, although it may have a more official name, and purchased it at Ulta for a few dollars.  Make sure to get one that matches your hair.

Once you have your sock bun, cut it in half.



Then you end up with a long roll.



Alright, now depending on how long your hair is and how wide you want the roll to be, this may be the right length/width for you.  But if you want to create a really long roll, find the start, or first layer of the roll, and open it up.



This way you can roll it up to an even longer length and create a thickness that works best for your hair length.  Best rule of thumb is the longer the hair the thinner the roll.



Now your hair rat is already to use.  Simply pin along the pass of your head and tuck your hair around it, pinning as you go!

Good luck!

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  1. Now this is a great use for my leftover sock bun and perfect for the Doctor Who premiere at the cinema tonight. 😉 Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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