A shawl by any name…

Whether you call it a mantilla, a coverlet, a shawl, a drape, or wrap, women have been finding delicate things to sling across their shoulders for the duel purpose or warmth (sometimes) and beauty.  I personally love wraps and capes and wear them all throughout the winter for the same duel purpose as our foremothers centuries ago.  I recently acquired 5 yards of beautiful black lace with the intention of creating a shawl of some sort.   While researching I came across these examples from an 1855 Goodey’s Lady’s Book, August edition I believe, and just fell in love.  Now clearly these drawings are very detailed and have materials that I may have trouble getting a hold of, yet they are provide a great base.  After I complete the current gown I’m working on (which hopefully will be today), I plan on starting to draft up a pattern for one of these shawls, or wraps, or what ever you like to call it! 🙂


5 thoughts on “A shawl by any name…

    • It appears so. I mean I’m sure they did, however I have seen many photographs of women not in all black wearing back shawls. Often with ball gowns or promenade gowns. However I am sure some would disagree with me….but that is what I have found so far! 🙂

      • Jenny Redpiper

        hmm..Interesting! 🙂 I’ve always been under the impression that all articles of black clothing were worn only by women in mourning. I have some plum colored fabric I’ve been setting aside for some time to try to make a ball gown out of . I bet a black mantilla would go awesome with it! 😉

      • Jenny Redpiper

        I have to pluck my courage up enough to try it and it will probably look like a costume out of a Frankenstein movie, but yes I sure will! 😉

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