Something shiny to grace the neck…

I am continuing the series of different types of jewelry worn during the 1850’s and 60’s.  I have already created a post on earrings , and now am moving on to necklaces.

As a result of my research, I have decided to combine necklaces and brooches into a collection of “items of jewelry worn around or at the base of the neck.”  And for this particular post, I tried to restrict my examples to daywear, as there are (just like today) different types of jewelry worn for different occasions.


For the most part, if necklaces were worn during the day, they tended to be long gold chain, perhaps several strands that draped down the front of the bodice.  Many women also appeared to have worn brooches as well.  Here are some examples:




Many women also wore simple ribbons around their neck in coordinating colors of their gowns.

4bf4ff2fa4e7a918a2de0a23bcde0e40(Isn’t she lovely?)


These were by far the more common forms of jewelry that women wore, and they came in a variety of styles, looks, designs, and colors.  Take a look:




And just like so many of us today, there are a few who like to bend the rules and wear whatever pleases them:


Rule of thumb: As much as possible, try to wear some form of jewelry when you are reenacting in a Day/Tea/Afternoon attire.  Use these women as guides and find something that looks and feels special to you!

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