Single Looped Braid Hairstyle

So what started out as one hairstyle attempt ended up with the one pictured here.  What’s great about this look is that by altering the front of your hair, you can accommodate two different decades….but more about that later!

For this look you will need: a comb, bobby pins, and a clear elastic

Step 1:

Part your hair in the middle and arrange in a style that flatters your face.  I always look better with slightly rolled sides.


Step 2:

Take all your hair and braid into one long plait securing the ends with the elastic.  Pull out the ends so you end up with a braid that is as wide at the top as at the bottom (near the elastic.)


Step 3:

Pull the braid straight up and pin flat against the back of your head.  How far up you go on your head depends on how long your braid is.



Step 4:

Take the bottom half of the braid and fold it back down, making sure to pin securely and tuck in the ends.


And taaadaaa….another great hairstyle to accommodate an afternoon ensemble!


Want to take this look from 1860’s to 1870’s?  Eliminate the center part and tease up the front portion of your hair.  Then just raise the height of your braid to the crown of your head (about 2-3 inches higher.)

Good luck and good hairstyling!

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