1860’s Color Combinations

Daydreaming and obsessing over fashion plates can lead to the discovery of some pretty unique color combinations.  I mean, when all you see are black and white photographs, one just assumes that the color tones chosen were just as blah.  But let me tell you….many color suggestions shown in fashion plates and in actual garments suggest quite the opposite.  While I would not be likely to wear these duos in my modern clothing, I would absolutely use them in my creations of 19th century clothing.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Black with Sapphire



Black with Ruby


Rust with Deep Brown


An ombre look in any tone…here I choose violet and lavender


Green with Gold


Butter Yellow with Cornflower Blue


And my personal favorite: Jade with Coral



Any color can easily become the dominate or the accent color based on the overall look you want for your gown.

So don’t be afraid of stepping out of your 21st century conservatism and embrace all the colors of the 19th century rainbow!

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