The Traveling Trim Book

I was out shopping for new fabric and was struggling trying to remember what types of trim I had in my studio.  Well after thinking I had one tone of trim that I didn’t, I decided I needed some sort of organization.  So I picked up a small 4″x6″ mini spiraled notebook at Target for $2.  I then went through all my trim of 1 yard or more and stapled a small sample in the notebook along with the yardage.  Because it is so small, it will fit neatly in my purse and will hopefully prove to be an effect tool.  I might even make one for my left over fabric…but we’ll see.


In other news, I am painting my filing cabinet with chalkboard paint.  I saw it in a magazine and thought it would be a great place to make a weekly list of blog posts or social media posts.  Will post pictures when it is complete.  Right now it is busy drying before I put on the next coat.

And this weekend is the War of 1812 reenactment at Fort Niagara.  I am super excited and will post pictures of the goings on and if I come home with any goodies.

Happy Birthday to all my Canadian friends!!  Congrats on 147 years!

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