Creating a pattern: 1852 Day Dress

So I have been debating the idea of taking one of my many patterns I have created and obtaining a copyright.  It has always been a dream of mine to one day become self sufficient through the selling of my gowns and patterns: this being one of the first steps towards that goal.  I have decided to start with a 1850’s style gown, as there are not as many of these in patterns as there are for the 1860’s styles.  I have had good luck with these decade in the past and an excited to begin this long process.

I am currently making the dress as I painstakingly recording each detail…which is difficult at times, since I am trying to be as specific as possible but several steps are just confusing.

Here are a few pictures of the gown based on the pattern I have created:

1850s bodice1850s bodice21850s bodice31850s bodice4


The main features of this bodice are a pleats that start at the neckline and are all gathered into a point at the bottom.  The back of the gown also features gathers.

Have a great weekend!

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